Rehearsal Studios

Unit 8 Studios consists of 2 Soundproofed, and Acoustically treated rehearsal rooms, available to bands and individual musicians from 10am to 7 days a week.

Studio Equipment

Peavey PA Systems
Pearl Export Drum Kits

AMPS : Marshall JCM 2000 Valve Combo amp,Laney VH100R, Marshall 1960 Lead Cab, Trace Elliot MK5 GP11 Bass amp, Trace Elliot 2* 10″ Cab, Trace Elliot 15″ bass Cab, Laney VC30 Valve Combo, Ampeg SVT Valve Bass amp, Ampeg 8* 10″ Bass Cab, Laney Linebacker Combo amp, Peavey MK V Bass amp, Hartke 4* 8″ Bass Cab, Marshall MG100 HDFX amp, Carlsbro 15″ Bass Cab

INSTRUMENTS : Pearl Export Kits, Zildjian Cymbals, Fender Precision bass, Set of percussions, Snare drum 10 /12/14 inches.

Session Schedule

10am – 2pm £30-00 per session daytime
2.00pm – 6.00pm £35-00
7.00pm – £50-00
Full day 10am – 6pm
individual or Drum practise room £10-00 for 2 hours + VAT

Cancelation Policy

CANCELLATION FEES : This is to specify that if cancelled within
48 hours notice the full booking fee is returned. If cancelled
with 24 hours notice only half of the booking fee will be returned.
If a session is cancelled on the same day as booking No money will
be returned.