Recording Studio Rates

£300-00 per 10hr day including engineer,
£240-00 per 8hr day including engineer
1 week 5 days £1000
Full Day lockout £350-00 12 hours including engineer
overtime is billed at £30-00 per hour
Voice Over Rates are £50-00 per hour
All prices are subject to VAT

SESSION SCHEDULE: 10am – 8pm, 




COMPUTERS : Apple Mac G5 Pro 2.6ghz Quad Xeon running Logic 9

MONITORS : , Yamaha NS10M, Yamaha YST – SW3000sub

COMPRESSERS: Shep/Neve 32151 x 4, Drawmer DS201 x 2

MIC PRES : Shep/Neve SN12 mic pre eq x 4[neve 1081), DAV Audio BG8, TL Audio 2051, Ward Beck M461 x 2, Behringer Tube Ultragain modified with class A opamps.

MICS : Neumann U47 Fet, Rode NTK, Rode NT1, Audio Technica at4033, Shure SM58, BeyerDynamic M201, Sennheiser MD441, Electro-Voice RE20, AKG

451B, BeyerDynamic M69, CAD TRION 7000, Rode NT5 x2, Senheisser MD421 x 2, Yamaha Subkick, Rode NT2x 2, Senheiss

er E609, AKG D112, Sennheiser E604, Shure Beta 52A, Se

nheisser E602, Audio Technica DRST100 Drum Mics x 4, Shure SM57 x 6

MIXERS : Soundcraft 600 24 channell, Vestax dj mixer

DAW SOFTWARE: Logic 9, Motu HD 192 x 2, Pro Tools Mix 24 (Mastering Studio)

AMPS : Marshall JCM 2000 Valve Combo amp, Marshall 1960 Lead Cab, Trace Elliot MK5 GP11 Bass amp,

Trace Elliot 2* 10″ Cab, Trace Elliot 15″ bass Cab, Laney VC30 Valve Combo, Ampeg SVT Valve Bass amp,

Ampeg 8* 10″ Bass Cab, Laney Linebacker Combo amp, Peavey MK V Bass amp, Hartke 4* 8″ Bass Cab,

Marshall MG100 HDFX amp, Carlsbro 15″ Bass Cab

KEYBOARDS : Roland Juno 6, Kawai K4, Korg M1, Kemble upright piano

INSTRUMENTS :, 2* Pearl Export Kits, Zildjian Cymbals, fender precision bass, various percussion,

Snare drum 10 /12/14 inches

HEADPHONES : Beyer dynamic DT 150,Fostex T50RP, Audio Technica ATH M40

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