10″/12″ Vinyl Record Pressing Package Prices

All prices are inclusive of VAT, and include Mastering Attended or Unattended, Processing, 5 test pressings and delivery



12" White Label in white paper sleeve

12" colour Label in white paper sleeve

12" colour Label in black /white disco sleeve

12″ color label with full col spineless Sleeve

Turnaround aproximately 28 working days From the receipt of your production parts
(incl. tracklist, copyright declaration and payment recieved on our bank account).

Required production parts, please note these times may vary and that we do not charge for overs:

Master source (DAT, CD, CD-R, Lacquer) with timings and tracklisting.

Artwork Minimum 300dpi resolution cmyk jpeg, pdf or tiff files accepted

Artwork can be transferred via FTP or email.
Please call or email for a quote.