Unit 8 Studios offer you the best prices vs quality vinyl record pressing on the market.
Unit 8 Studios takes care of your audio recording and handles every step of the production process, creating a finished product made to your specifications.

If you choose to cut your master lacquer with us, Unit 8 Studios has
professional cutting studios and provides quality cutting with full
mastering services on demand.

Unit 8 Recording Studios provide short runs from 100 units for Black Vinyl and
300 units for coloured vinyl, for short runs under 300 units it is possible Vinyl Record Pressing Unit 8 Recording Studios Hackney
to make Colour labels for your vinyl record pressings.

 7″ 10″ and 12″ Vinyl pressing is available




Unit 8 can also provide shrinkwrapping for your records and supply
standard white or black innersleeves, as well as colour sleeves.

5 test-pressings are included with every order.

Whether you are making,Rock Indie,Dubstep, or electronic music . we can
make you a personalized price quotation so you can get your records pressed and into the shops.

 100% 0f payment is required before we begin production!

Once you are ready to place an order and send us your production parts, we can start the Vinyl Record Pressing process.

The first and most important step, is the cutting of your audio files.
(manufacturing of your master disc that will be used to duplicate your vinyls).
We master and cut all records on Apollo Masters Laquers.

You ideally send us your audio files or book an attended session,you can also send us Laquers or DMM cut from a studio of your choice then we will start immediately with the galvanic development of your stampers.

Then you send us your artwork, email us for templates as time can be lost if
artwork is not correct.

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